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They are all ISUZU truck parts with OEM number from Twoo Auto Parts Co., Ltd

EMAIL: TwooAuto @
Whtasapp / Wechat : +86 - 185 -7643 -6547

8971796380 Spark Plug doors. 4HF1 (gas) 897 350 555
1511620370 Earring Earring front spring FRR32
1513620381 Earring Earring rear spring NRR32
Earring 8970342981 Spring Shackle ELF
Synchronizer Synchronizer 894128775 CAT Isuzu NPR
8970716880 Synchronizer Synchronizer Bighorn UBS25 92-97g.
Clamp bracket 1476191280 RTC
Clamp 897021019
Central lubrication grease 1594590051
Fry 8971374550 Pitman rights. NPR71
Fry 8971383040 Pitman lion. NPR71
Speedometer Speedometer 183120490 FRR32
Spiral FRR32 181,402,008
1111290641 Glass glass under the nozzle 6WF1
8976023011 Glass glass under the nozzle 4HL1
1761671772 Glass Side glass etc. FRR35
1822150610 Glass glass envelope CXH71
1822150620 Glass glass envelope CXH71
1875900660 Glass Glass rotation SKHN19
174417062 windows Window prav.Isuzu CXZ19
174417068 windows Window prav.Isuzu GIGA
1744181610 windows Window prav.Isuzu NPR72
1744181650 windows Window prav.Isuzu FSR32
174418166 windows Window lion. Isuzu GIGA
Retaining ring 8944606870 stopper piston pin doors. 4JG2
Stepladder 1878701662
Hub Front Hub 894365459 ELF
897202687 Caliper Caliper left NPR71
Cotter cotter 1431590740 on the tie rod FTR32
Cotter cotter 1443710021 on the tie rod FRR32
Cotter 5125650060 Valve cotter doors. 4HF1
Cotter 8942489260 longitudinal traction NKR58
Cotter 894360285 longitudinal traction NKR58
894420990 cotter cotter backstage Bighorn 92-97g.
Cotter 894429487
Cotter cotter 9098816960 on the tie rod CXZ19
9443711330 cotter cotter pin FRS 4WD steering
Grease cup 9090312100
Thermostat Thermostat 8943973100 doors. (6He-1)
Thermostat Thermostat 1137700730 doors. 6BG1
Thermostat Thermostat 113770085 doors. 6BD1
Thermostat Thermostat 894360227 doors 4JB1
Thermostat Thermostat 8943973110 doors. 6He-1 8943928170
Thermostat Thermostat 8944723311 dv.4BE1
Thermostat Thermostat 8970325080 doors. 6VD1
Thermostat Thermostat 8970918060 8973007901 doors 4HF1
Thermostat Thermostat 8973007871 doors 4HF1 (8970286902
Thermostat Thermostat 8973617700 doors. 4JG2 (897,089,891
Thermostat doors. 4JX1 8972469730
897318597 Injection Injection doors. 4HG1
Pusher Pusher 1125712113 doors. 6BG1
Tappet Valve tappet 8943960152 doors. 4HF1, 4HG1, 4HL1
8170870230 Fuel Fuel tank dv.6VD1 BIGHORN
1095851290 cab torsion torsion R, FRR32
Tee 1594690061
Cable 1232107007 Gaszug Isuzu CXZ19
Cable 123210906 Gaszug CXZ70
Cable 123210908 Gaszug CXM23
Cable 1232109772 Gaszug FRR32
133660430 Cable Cable CAT FRR12
133660663 Cable Cable CAT Isuzu FRR32
1336702540 Cable Cable CAT FRR32
133670288 Cable Cable CAT Isuzu FRR32
Cable Cable CAT 133670299 133660840 Isuzu FRR32
1336703985 Cable Cable Box FRR32
1336706810 Cable Cable Box FRR32
1336708150 Cable Cable CAT FRR32
146151376 Cable Cable ruchnika 10t
1461513863 Cable Cable ruchnika CXZ70
1461515853 Cable Cable ruchnika FRR32 (1461514510)
Cable 1739964272 Gaszug FTR32
Cable 1739964281 Gaszug FRR32
1799962499 Cable Cable ruchnika FRR33
1831235201 Cable Speedo CXZ19
Speedo Cable 1831235533 Isuzu CXZ19
183123732 Cable Speedo FRR12
183123733 Cable Speedo CXZ71, 1831240211
183123762 Cable Cable tachometer FRR12
183123838 Cable Speedo Isuzu CXM71
Speedo Cable 1831240351Tros CXG23
894366773 Cable Cable ruchnika TFS
8943727950 Cable Cable ruchnika NKR55
8944003382 Cable Cable ruchnika NKR58
897013220 Cable Cable Manual NHR55
897015302 Cable Cable ruchnika UCS55
897015303 Cable Cable ruchnika UCS55
8970197352 Cable Speedo UBS55
Cable 8970260563 Gaszug
8970307860 Cable Cable Manual NHR55
897039823 Cable Cable razdatki NHS55
Cable 897048863 Gaszug NHS55
897049029 Cable Speedo NHS55
897049030 Cable Speedo NHS55
897063113 Cable Cable ruchnika NKR71, short
8970631248 Cable Cable ruchnika NKR71 long 8971762370
897065168 Cable Cable Manual NPR66
897067065 Cable Cable CAT Isuzu NKR58
Cable 897071711 Gaszug NKR66
897088192 Cable Cable Manual NPR66
897088203 Cable Cable Manual NPR66
8970958600 Cable Speedo NHS55
897118374 Cable Cable ruchnika NPR
897131324 Cable Cable hood UBS69/25
8971614280 Cable Cable ruchnika NPR71
Cable 8971677021 Gaszug NPR
897176235 Cable Cable ruchnika NHR69
8971762370 Cable Cable ruchnika NKR66, 8970631248
8971764660 Cable Cable Manual NKR
8971764670 Cable Cable Manual NKR
897176472 Cable Cable Manual Isuzu ELF
897176474 Cable Cable CAT Isuzu ELF NHR69, 8970341444
8971764750 Cable Cable Manual NKR
897184268 Cable Cable ruchnika NHR69
89721581710 Cable Cable ruchnika NPR71
8972270980 Cable Cable handbrake right BIGHORN
8972270991 Cable Cable handbrake left BIGHORN
897238938 Cable Cable Manual NKR, 8972489382
8972489372 Cable Cable Manual NKR
Gaszug NKR 8970717114
Cable CAT 897216339
Cable CAT 897065168
897177330 Pipe Exhaust pipe dv.4HF1 Isuzu E
1474254082 Tube Tube GCC 10t.
1474847340 Tube Tube
8943682492 The return tube tube dv.4JG2
897048168 Tube Tube PPC
897062512 generator tube tube NHR69
Tube 8970935470
897169290 Tube Tube brake NHS69
Link Link longitudinal 1443508781 CXZ71, 144,380,087
144350964 Link Link longitudinal CXZ71,
144350973 Link Link longitudinal NRR
Link Link longitudinal 1443800350 FRR32 to 94g.
Link Link longitudinal 1443800700 FRR32 after 94g. 1443801530
144380086 Link Link longitudinal CVR80
144380087 Link Link longitudinal CXZ72
144380222 Link Link longitudinal FSR35 after 94g.
Link Link longitudinal 1443802620 FRD34
Link Link longitudinal 1443802630 FSR33L 2003.
Rod Rod 1534583430 cab CYJ51
894360250 Link Link longitudinal NKR58
Link Link 8970209502 average BIGHORN
Link Link longitudinal 8970222283 NKR58
Link Link 8970273072 NHS69, 8971273461
Link Link longitudinal 8970394692 NPR66, 897,145,407
897043204 Link Link longitudinal NKR66
897065816 Link Link longitudinal NHS69
Rod 8971073180 Traction steering short NKR66
Link Tie Rod 8971073210 longest NKR66
Link Link Podolny 8971073230 NKR66
Link Link Podolny 897107330, 897373434
Link Link longitudinal 8971073321 NHR69, 8971420990
897222501 Link Link longitudinal NKR66
897222505 Link Link longitudinal NPR71, NPR66
Area 1654810416 Corner cab lion FRR32
8978510880 Area Side Area Isuzu ELF lion. (89
Seal Seal 1719988073 cheeks L Isuzu FORWARD
Seal Seal 5096230020 probe
Seal 897808685
115449009 seal seal the return doors. 10RS
Door seal 176718163 CXM71
Door seal 8973043972 zad.RIsuzu WIZARD
Door seal 897852146 Isuzu ELF
DEVICE DEVICE 1828401281 for killing Motor 6ne1
8943424600 device Device for killing dv.4HF1 NPR66
897063950 device Device for killing dv.4HF1
8972550660 device device for jamming doors.
8972550680 device Device for killing dv.4HG1
1821104183 Headlamp Headlamp L Isuzu GIGA 2002.
Headlamp Headlamp 182119177 FRR35
586130038 Headlamp Headlamp left
8971659300 Headlamp Headlamp rights BIGHORN 92-97 yy
8971659310 Headlamp Headlamp lion. BIGHORN 92-97 yy
8971873332 Headlamp Headlamp right BIGHORN 98g-
Headlamp Headlamp left 8971873340 BIGHORN 98g-
8972156423 Headlamp Headlamp Wizard 2000 lion.
Apron 8978594563
Fiber Fiber Pump 1136200210 doors. 10PD1
Fiber Fiber Pump 1136200230 doors. C240
Fiber Fiber Pump 8943920900 doors. 6NE1
Catchers Catchers 8972068380 Shoe
Filter oil filter 1132401890 O-576
Filter oil filter 1132402340 O-575
1212350041 Filter Filter Power Steering CYJ50
133779040 Filter Filter pneumatic CYJ51
1878109760 Filter Fuel filter element dv.10PD1, 6WG1, F-507
8250553640 Filter Fuel Filter doors. 6VD1 8980215100
8943940790 Filter Fuel Filter dv.4JX1, 6HK1, FC-607
Filter Cabin Filter 897170804 BIGHORN 98g-
8980370110 Filter Fuel filter element dv.4HK1, 2007. - "
8980374800 Filter Fuel Filter dv.4HL1
894477723 Flange Flange cardan NPR, NKR58, 66
897087078 Flange Flange cardan ELF NHR69, 8972111160
8972111160 Flange Flange cardan
Injector Nozzle 5873105650 doors. 4JX1, 1SHTUKA, 5873107090
894116185 Injector Nozzle glass washer NHR55
Injector Nozzle 8943928623 doors. 6HK1, DENSO 095000-0160 / 9709500-016      
894399166 Injector Nozzle grease piston dv.4NK1
Injector Nozzle 8971790860 piston lubrication dv.6HL1
Injector Nozzle 8972355400 doors. 4HG1 8973494500
Injector Nozzle 8972355410 doors. 4HK1
Injector Nozzle 8973060713 doors. 4HL1, DENSO 095000-5001/5004 / 9709500-500      
Injector Nozzle 8973060734 doors. 4HJ1, DENSO 095000-5014 / 9709500-501      
Injector Nozzle 8973675523 doors. 4HL1, 6HK1, DENSO 095000-5501/5502, 9709500-550      
Injector Nozzle 8976024854 doors. 4HL1, DENSO 095000-5342, 9709500-534      
Injector Nozzle 8976034151 doors. 6WF1, DENSO 095000-5511      
Nozzle doors. 4JG2 8943682470
5873105650 injector nozzles doors. 4JX1 compl. 5873107090, 5873107080
Fittings Fittings 1423350050 rights. FRR32, 8973598050
Fittings Fittings 1423360050 lion. FRR32
Fittings Fittings etc. NKR 5423350011 898007828
Fittings Fittings 5423360011 lion. NKR 8980078290
Fittings Fittings 8943651431 right NPR66
8943651441 Fittings Fittings left NPR66
Fittings 9423330150
Fittings 9423340090
Hose Clamp 8943118940 Mob. Bearing NPR66
8970165630 Chain Timing Chain doors. 6VD1
Cylinder 1191512510 Cylinder Compressor FRR32
119163067 Cylinder Cylinder Compressor doors. 6WF1
8972185971 worm worm gear steering NPR71
109330068 Washer Washer Hob cabin CXZ72
Washer Washer Bearing 1095881601 n / a FRR32
Washer, copper washer 1153150110
115315013 Washer Washer nozzle under dv.6SA1
Washer Washer 1431590750 on the tie rod FTR32
144349020 Washer Sealing washer for steering GI
Washer Washer 1513890580 balance CXZ72
1534582811 Washer Washer Hob cabin CXYJ51
Washer Washer 1534599290 on the pillow cabin FRR32
Washer 1739984530
8941258591 washer washer nozzle under 4HG1 897,171,331
894148392 Washer Washer copper nozzle under dv.4JG2
894178933 Washer Shim on HUB
894178934 Washer Shim on HUB
894178935 Washer Shim on HUB
894178936 Washer Shim on HUB
Washer 8942473561
Washer 8942575930 process seal. copper ring under teplootvodnyh puck forsuki dv.4JG2
Washer 894391472
894416370 Washer Washer nozzle under teplootvodnyh doors. 4JG2-T 8971397110
894440839 Washer Washer Lane. Kit NKS71
Washer Washer 8944415341 BIGHORN UBS69
8944537780 Washer Washer on LOCK
Washer 897020598
8971236920 Washer Washer Lane. Kit BIGHORN
Washer Washer 8971370940 stup.per.NPR70
897161109 Washer Washer copper nozzle under doors. 4JX1
8971611092 washer washer, copper nozzle under doors. 4JX1
Washer Washer 8971901171 p / in doors. 4HJ1
897240798 Washer Washer under the nozzle (rubber) doors.
8976014472 washer nozzle copper washer under the doors. 4HL1, 8980792480
Washer 9095605140
Washer 9095714140
Washer drain bolt washer 9095714160
Washer Washer 9096530020 stup.per.NPR70
Washer 947162033
Washer 9471650960
8941553152 Hinge Hinge Front Door BIGHORN R lower
8942303934 Hinge Hinge Front Door BIGHORN R upper
8943744240 Ball Ball upper BIGHORN UBS69
Ball Ball 8944594652 lower BIGHORN UBS69
Ball Ball 8970217531 lower NKR58
Ball Ball 8970273091 lower Isuzu NHS55 4WD
Ball Ball 8970313703 lower Isuzu ELF NKR66 898,025,499
Ball Ball 8970876530 lower ELF NHS69 4WD
8970968190 Ball Ball top. NKR58 (8970222292
Ball Ball 8971034370 lower BIGHORN 98g-UBS73/26
Ball Ball upper 8971073280 Isuzu ELF NKR66
Ball MMC top
89220365 Connecting Rod Rod doors. 4ZE1
Connecting Rod Rod 8943331193 doors. 4JA1, 898,012,611
Connecting Rod Rod 8971350321 dv.6HL1, 4HF1
Connecting Rod Rod 898012607 doors. 4JB1
Doors connecting rod. 4JG2-T 8970623001, 8980139623
Doors connecting rod. 6NE1, 6HH1 8943963942
133251052 Gear Gear Gearbox Isuzu GIGA
133252195 Gear Gear Gearbox Isuzu GIGA
133253460 Gear Gear Gearbox Isuzu GIGA
133338308 Gear Gear Gearbox Isuzu GIGA
Gear oil Gear 513125001. pump doors. 6BG1
8941304200 Gear Gear oil. pump
Pinion Gear Belt 8941335013 doors. 4JG2
Speedometer pinion gear 894152976
Speedometer pinion gear 897012085 WIZARD
897012086 Pinion gear speedometer UBS
897034867 Gear Gear Gearbox NPR70
Pinion Gear Kit 897088055 doors. 4HF1
Pinion gear lock 8971348571 per.koles
Pinion Gear Belt 8971898661 doors. 4HJ1
Pinion Gear Belt 8972635310 doors. 4HJ1
8970137630 pulley pump pulley doors. 4BE1
0052135501 hose brake hose Rear FRR32
005313500 hose brake hose FRR32
007472410 Hose coupling hose PSU FRR
Hose brake hose 1093641290 0052135000 FRR32
109364190 hose brake hose SKHM23
1093643510 hose brake hose Rear FRR32
1093643730 hose brake hose FRR32, 0052135250
Hose 109364692 Clutch Hose FRR
109364869 Hose Hose REL.FORK Isuzu 5t
Hose 8941083602 Clutch Hose Isuzu ELF
894163564 hose brake hose
894257336 hose brake hose Isuzu ELF NHR54
Hose Hose 8943390733 generator dv.4HF1, 4HG1
Hose Hose 8943390733 generator doors. 6HE1
894374552 hose brake hose NHR69
8943827932 hose brake hose Rear BIGHORN UBS69 Lotus
8943854332 hose brake hose lane. BIGHORN Lotus
Hose breather hose 8943961110 dv.6NE1
Hose 894443644 Clutch Hose NHR69
Hose Hose 8970292871 generator doors. 4HF1
8970338080 hose brake hose Isuzu ELF NHS55
8970350640 hose brake hose NKR
Hose brake hose 8970395431 Isuzu NPR
Hose Hose 8971281691 generator (with tube) dv.4HF1, 4HG1
Hose Hose 8972126911 GUR UBS69
Hairpin hairpin 1423310450 lane. right 10t 14233
Hairpin hairpin 1423310550 ass. right 10t.
1423311060 hairpin Hairpin right rear FRR32
1423311120 hairpin Hairpin right front FRR32
Hairpin hairpin 1423320450 lane. left 10t 142332
Hairpin hairpin 1423320550 ass. 10t left.
Hairpin Hairpin left rear 1423321060 1423321101 FRR32
Hairpin hairpin 1423321120 left front FRR32
Hairpin hairpin 5423310123 Ave NHR69
Hairpin hairpin 5423320122 lion. NHR69
Hairpin hairpin 8943652540 NKR 8980004040
Hairpin Hairpin zadn.lev 8943652550. NKR 898000406
8943834361 hairpin Hairpin right NPR66
8943834371 hairpin Hairpin left NPR66
Hairpin 894416295
Hairpin hairpin 8970170410 front right. NKR66, 8980285320
897017042 stud stud front lion. ISUZU NKR66 8980285330
Hairpin hairpin 8970815841 rights. NPR71
8970815851 hairpin Hairpin left NPR71
8971264860 hairpin Hairpin front straight NHR69
8971264870 hairpin Hairpin front lion NHR69
Hairpin 8971264901Shpilka front lion
Hairpin hairpin 9084105060 End PSU CYJ51
Hairpin 942331352
Hairpin hairpin 9423316012 rights. NHR69, 8972134870
Hairpin 9423321352
Hairpin hairpin 9423326092 lion. NHR69
Cotter pin Cotter 8970220890 brake drum NKR66
Rod doors. 4JG2 8941432020
Choke Choke 1096740880 GCC 10t.
Cheek Cheek 1867920142 L Isuzu GIGA 2002.
Probe 111760385
Probe 8943931661
Eccentric 547165025
Element Element 1481992160 MVO
Element Element 1855760840 MVO

EMAIL: TwooAuto @
Whtasapp / Wechat : +86 - 185 -7643 -6547


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