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Hino FD FF FC KP321 King Ping Kit

Knuckle Repair Kit (KING PIN KIT) KP321

Hino FD FF FC GP176 Steering Parts King Pin Kit Steering Knuckle KP-321/KP321/040432010/432311300

The king pin of the steering knuckle is made of 40cr round steel material by milling machine, CNC lathe, universal milling machine milling, drilling, tapping and finishing, after quenching and tempering treatment, high frequency quenching precision grinding. The hardness standard is 58-63HRC. (This is Rockwellhardness. The bushing is formed by iron alloy casting copper or pure copper casting. The bearing is made of bearing steel chromium steel ball combination. It is also equipped with lock pins, gaskets, screws, nuts, rubber oil seals, and paper. It is composed of various parts such as pads, and the product quality is in line with the national first-level level. The refined products, excellent technology and modern management are integrated.

The steering knuckle is one of the main parts on the steering axle of the car. The function of the steering knuckle is to bear the load of the front of the car, support and drive the front wheel to rotate around the king pin to turn the car. In the driving state of the car, it is subjected to variable impact loads, so it is required to have high strength. At the same time, the steering system is an important safety component on the car, and as the steering system's actuator, the safety of the steering knuckle The coefficient is self-evident.

In the car steering knuckle repair kit, the main pin, bushing, bearing and other accessories that affect the service life of the product are affected. In addition to the material, the clearance between the components is also an important parameter related to the quality of the product. The main pin and bearing have a tolerance within the allowable range when they leave the factory. The upper and lower tolerances are generally 0.17-0.25dmm. In order to correct these tolerances, each set of steering knuckle repair kits sold by CREATEK has been renewed. Measure and re-match. In some front axles, the hole diameter will be slightly enlarged after the kingpin is replaced more than 2 times.

Below more part numbers for king ping kit.


KP-129 40025-90228 KP-223 1-87830804-0 KP-322 04043-2039 KP-426 04431-25010 KP-523 14001-24400

KP-130 04431-36030 KP-224 1-87830064-0 KP-323 04043-2025 KP-427 04431-36040 KP-524 MB 025267

KP-132 40022-J5125 KP-225 9-88511505-0 KP-324 04043-2030/2036 KP-428 04431-25020 KP-525 MB 294036

KP-133 40025-Z5025 KP-226 9-88511503-0 KP-325 04043-2059 KP-430 04431-36050 KP-526 MB 294037

KP-134 40025-90427 KP-227 9-88511506-0 KP-326 04043-2041 KP-431 04431-36051 KP-527 MB 290438

400025-NA429 KP-228 9-88511507-0 KP-327 04043-2043 KP-433 04431-36041 KP-528 MC 999190

KP-136 40025-90629 KP-229 1-87830039-1 KP-329 04043-2053 KP-473 KP-529 MC 999187

KP-137 40025-90725 KP-230 5-87830080-0 KP-330 04043-2064 KP-530 MC 999420

KP-138 40025-90827 KP-231 1-87830064-0 KP-531 MC 811604

KP-139 40025-90825 KP-232 1-87830221-0 KP-532 MC 811025

KP-140 40025-90927 KP-233  5-87830978-0 KP-533 MC 999193

KP-141 40025-90925 KP-234 1-87830615-0 KIA 2T KP-534 MB 294272

KP-235 1-87830716-0

KP-535 MB294273

1, Knuckle repair kit customs code

a. If it is a repair tool, it is recommended to classify it according to the items listed in 8202-8206;

b. If it is some parts needed in the repair of the steering knuckle, it is recommended to classify them according to 8708999990.

2, Function of Knuckle Repair Kit

The function of the steering knuckle is to bear the load of the front part of the car, support and drive the front wheel to rotate around the king pin to make the car turn. It is a car chassis part and a car security part. The "repair kit" repairs this accessory.

3, Matters Need Attention When You Purchase the King Ping Kit?

Knuckle repair kit / King Ping Kit

a. See if the trademark logo is complete. The outer packaging of the authentic product is of good quality, the handwriting on the box is clear, and the overprint color is bright. The packaging boxes and bags should be marked with the product name, specification model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name, factory address, and telephone number, etc. Some manufacturers also put their own marks on the accessories, and you should be carefully identified when purchasing. Prevent buying fake and shoddy products.

b. See if there is any deformation of the geometric dimensions. Some parts are prone to deformation due to improper manufacturing, transportation, and storage. When inspecting, you can roll the shaft part along the glass plate to see if there is light leakage at the joint between the part and the glass plate to judge whether it is bent.

c. See if the joint is smooth. During the transportation and storage of spare parts, due to vibration and bumps, burrs, indentations, breakages or cracks are often generated at the joints, which affects the use of parts. Pay attention to inspection when purchasing.

d. Check for rust on the surface of the part. The surface of qualified parts has both a certain precision and a bright finish. The more important the parts, the higher the precision, and the stricter the rust and corrosion protection of the packaging. Pay attention to inspection when purchasing. If the parts are found to have rust spots, mildew spots, cracks, loss of elasticity, or obvious cutting tool lines on the surface of the journal, they should be replaced.

e. See if the protective surface is intact. Most parts are coated with a protective layer when they leave the factory. If it is found that the sealing sleeve is damaged, the packing paper is lost, or the rust preventive oil or paraffin wax is lost during the purchase, it should be returned.

f. Check whether the glued parts are loose. For accessories composed of two or more parts, the parts are press-fitted, glued or welded, and no looseness is allowed between them. If looseness is found during purchase, it should be replaced.

g. See if the rotating parts are flexible. If the rotating parts do not rotate well, it means that the inside is rusted or deformed, so don't buy it.

h. See if there are any missing parts in the assembly. The regular assembly parts must be complete and intact to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. If the individual small parts on some assembly parts are missing, the assembly parts will not work or even be scrapped.

KP-142 40025-91225 KP-236 1-87830717-0 MODERN 3.9T KP-536 MB 294274

KP-143 40025-Z5029 MODERN 15T KP-537 MB 294275

KP-144 40025-91326 KP123 40022-CO425 KINGLONG KP-538 MC 999970

KP-146 40025-91325 KP124 40022-B5025 8G4211 KP-539 MC 999980

KP-147 40022-30T25 KP129 40025-90228/90426 Bedford KP-540 MC 999984

KP-149 40025-NA328 KP130 04431-36030 DAEWOO KP-541 MC 999971

KP-150 40025-91427 KP132 40022-J5125/7 KP-542 MC 998766

KP-151 40025-02D25 KP133 40025-Z5025/7/8 KP-543 MC 999344

KP134 40025-90429/7 KP-544 MC 999974

KP-138 4002590827 KP-545 MC 999986

KP-139 40025-90826 KP-546 MC995305

KP-140 40025-90927/6 KP-547 MC993611

KP-141 40025-91028 KP-548 MC 998681

KP-143 40025-Z5028 KP-602 0559 99 330 KP-549 MC 997284

KP-144 40025-91326 KP-605 1316 99 330 KP-550 MC 994307

KP-146 40025-91325 KP-705 04431-87302 KP-553

KP-147 40022-30T25 KP-706 04431-87303

KP-149 40025-91425 KP-707 04431-87304


KP-151 40025-01D29/5


KP-117 40022-58027 KP-214 9-88511502-0 KP-312 04043-2005 KP-416 0431-55051 KP-506

KP-120 40022-76025 KP-215 9-85582616-0 KP-314 04043-2007 KP-418 04431-35020 KP-512 14501-21401

KP-121 40022-25675 KP-216 9-85582613-0 KP-315 99536-60304 KP-419 04431-36015 KP-514 13501-11401

KP-122 40022-14825 KP-217 9-88511501-0 KP-316 04043-2003 KP-420 04431-36020 KP-516

KP-123 40022-C0425 KP-218 9-88511505-0 KP-317 04043-2002 KP-422 04431-36011 KP-518 MT 047774

KP-124 40022-B5025 KP-219 9-88511503-0 KP-318 04043-2006 KP-423 04431-36012 KP-519 MB 025124

KP-125 40022-76028 KP-220 9-88511506-0 KP-319 04043-2009 KP-415 0431-55051 KP-520 MC 810252

KP-126 40022-76029 KP-221 9-88511507-0 KP-320 04043-2020 KP-424 04431-36014 KP-521 11001-24101

KP-127 40025-90027 KP-222 1-87830039-1 KP-321 04043-2010 KP-425 04431-36030 KP-522 MB 025128

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